Portside, a fish-focused concept is dedicated to serving the freshest of seafood in the southern Orange County area. Chef Fernando Valladares and the rest of the team are committed to their menu of seafood, introducing new flavor combinations, as well as showing true love for the classics we all know and love. You can expect dishes such as fish and chips, calamari, fish tacos, and more when choosing to dine here. The homage to traditional seafood is present, but their innovation in their culinary methods makes this fishery a must try when visiting TRADE Food Hall.

Meet the team

Fernando Valladares | Executive Chef/Co-Founder
Marc Vergel de Dios | Co-Founder/Operating Partner

Blueprint Valor Group
Andy Nguyen | Co-Founder
Mark Gerald Cruz | Co-Founder
Kevin Bobby Nguyen | Co-Founder

  • Fresh off the grill

    Pick one of each

    Option 1) Protein

    Salmon - 13

    Swai - 10

    Ahi Tuna - 12

    Option 2) Sides

    Cilantro Lime Rice

  • Main Dishes
    Ahi Tuna

    Ahi tuna fanned out on a bed of mixed greens topped with our soy ginger dressing

    2 Fish Tacos

    Mahi (fried/grilled), pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, chipotle aioli, cotija cheese. (comes with chips and salsa)

    2 Shrimp Tacos

    Shrimp(fried/ grilled ), shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, diabla sauce, cotija cheese.(comes with chips and salsa)

    House Special 'Mari

    Fried calamari, house special sweet thai chili sauce, crispy garlic chips

    San Pedro Platter

    One full grilled lobster, calamari, fried fish, crispy whole shrimp and fries topped with our seafood marinara (comes with bread) Market Value

    Fish Sandwhich

    Beer battered fish fillet topped with our signature coleslaw (add fries for 1.50)

    California Burrito

    Crispy shrimp , casamiento, french fries , pico de gallo, sour cream, avocado, cotija cheese all wrapped in lettuce then large tortilla.

  • Sides
    Clam Chowder

    New england style chowder

    Mac & Chowder

    Our homemade chowder tossed on cheddar cheese and topped of with crispy bacon.

    Chowder Wedges

    Our creamy chowder infused with cheese topped on potato wedges topped with bacon

    Crispy Broc

    Fried broc tossed in lemon juice & cheddar cheese topped with peño cream

    Brussel Sprouts

    Crispy brussel sprouts tossed on some cotija cheese, lemon juice & bacon bits

  • Our Famous Homemade Sauces
    Chipotle Lime
    Jalapeño Cream
    Habanero Mango

Sun-Thurs 11AM-9PM
Fri-Sat 11AM-10PM

TRADE Food Hall
2222 Michelson Dr.
Irvine CA, 92612